AlJazira ALMASI Debit Card

Are you looking for a Debit Card that can provide you with unique features and benefits?

It is AlJazira AlMasi Debit Card

AlJazira AlMasi Debit Card is not just an electronic teller card. In collaboration with VISA international, AlJazira AlMasi ATM has been enhanced with many features and benefits of Platinum Visa so as to create a Debit Card with the powers of the exclusive Platinum Visa Card. With this enhancement, cardholders of AlJazira AlMasi Debit Card can now benefit from the exclusive offers provided in and out of the Kingdom, such as Hotels, Rent-a-car, luxurious goods, Travel, Luxurious restaurants and cruises in addition to many other recreational activities

It has also been agreed with Visa Company to grant the holders of AlJazira AlMasi Debit Card a set of emergency services while on travel to ensure peace of mind and assurance they deserve. These emergency services shall include, but are not restricted to, medical and legal consultations and emergency assistance such as the issue of a replacement of lost/stolen card free and an advance of up to USD 5,000, in addition to many other features and advantages which you can review by visiting the official website for Visa Platinum.

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