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Bank Al Jazira presents to its clients ways you can pay your bills or any other expenses. In addition to governmental fees through SADAD system via any available distribution channels.

SADAD Bills benefits

  • You can access SADAD Bills through all our available distribution channels.
    • Banking services through the internet (Al Jazira Online) or Al Jazira SMART.
    • AlJazira ATM for locations click here.
    • AlJazira Phone (966920007016).
    • Bank Al Jazira branches, for our branch locations click here.
  • Notifications alerts are set up to notify you if there are unpaid bills through Online or SMART.
  • Instant payment and safe.
  • You can register a bill, modify or delete.
  • Flexibility in choosing the desired amount.

Associate Billers Currently in SADAD

Ministry of Interior Services 
MOI-Alien Control (Biller Code 090)
MOI-Civil Registration (Biller Code 096)
MOI-Driving License (Biller Code 091)
MOI-Labor Importation (Biller Code 095)
MOI-Motor Vehicle (Biller Code 094)
MOI-Saudi Passport (Biller Code 092)
MOI-Traffic Violation (Biller Code 093)
MOI-Deportation Sentences (Biller Code 126)
MOI-Deportation Control (Biller Code 127)

General Services Bills 
Abha Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Biller Code 114)
ADAHI (Biller Code 043)
Agricultural Fund (Biller Code 045)
Al Amthal Leasing (Biller Code 079)
Al Jazirah Newspaper (Biller Code 053)
AL MAJD TV channels (Biller Code 081)
Al Rajhi Takaful (Biller Code 110)
AlAhli Finance Payment (Biller Code 016)
Al-Elm Information Security (Biller Code 085)
Al-Hamrani Company for Investment in Trade (Biller Code 023)
Aljomaih Automotive Company (Biller Code 052)
AlJouf Municipality (Biller Code 103)
AlRajhi Bank Services (Biller Code 054)
AlRiyad Press Est. (Biller Code 047)
Alyamamah University (YU) (Biller Code 072)
Alyaum Press (Biller Code 074)
Al-Yusr Installment Co. (Biller Code 024)
American Express (Biller Code 018)
ANB Payments (Biller Code 082)
Arab Media Company (Biller Code 076)
Arab Open University (Biller Code 017)
Aseer Municipality (Biller Code 084)
Assemblies of teaching Koran (Biller Code 077)
AwalNet (Biller Code 041)
Awan For Market Data (Biller Code 039)
Banque Saudi Fransi Payment Services (Biller Code 071)
BRAVO (Biller Code 014)
Bupa Arabia (Biller Code 130)
Cadre Economic Cities (Biller Code 035)
Communications and Information Technology Commission (Biller Code 042)
Customs (Biller Code 030)
Cyberia (Biller Code 059)
Department of Zaka and Income Tax (Biller Code 020)
Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources (Biller Code 116)
Eastern Province Municipality (Biller Code 025)
Emirates NBD Payments (Biller Code 125)
Extra (Biller Code 134)
Falcon Credit Card (Biller Code 056)
Global Goodness (Biller Code 066)
GO TELECOM (Biller Code 033)
Hail Municipality (Biller Code 061)
HCI Home Computer Initiative (Biller Code 007)
Holy Makkah Municipality (Biller Code 027)
International Water Distribution Company Ltd. (Biller Code 122)
ITC (Biller Code 055)
Jazan Municipality (Biller Code 064)
Jeddah Chamber (Biller Code 019)
King Abdulaziz City for Sciences and Technology (Biller Code 105)
King AbdulAziz University (Biller Code 009)
King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (Biller Code 117)
King Faisal University (Biller Code 118)
Marafiq (Biller Code 004)
Medina Region Municipality (Biller Code 006)
Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Biller Code 013)
Ministry of Cultural and Information (Biller Code 051)
Ministry of Finance (Biller Code 088)
Ministry of Health (Biller Code 128)
Ministry of Labor (Biller Code 050)
Ministry of Transport (Biller Code 075)
Mobily (Biller Code 005)
Mubasher (Biller Code 034)
Municipality Of Al Ahsa (Biller Code 112)
Municipality Of Al Taif (Biller Code 113)
Municipality of Al-Baha (Biller Code 104)
Municipality of Jeddah (Biller Code 028)
Municipality of Northern Borders (Biller Code 102)
Najran Municipality (Biller Code 087)
NAS AIR (Biller Code 026)
Nayifat Installment Company (Biller Code 124)
NESMA INTERNET (Biller Code 037)
Qassim Municipality (Biller Code 070)
Qiyas (Biller Code 008)
Real Estate Development Fund (Biller Code 040)
Riyad Bank Payments (Biller Code 067)
Riyadh Chamber (Biller Code 073)
Riyadh Municipality (Biller Code 010)
Royal Commission At Yanbu (Biller Code 046)
SABB Payment Services (Biller Code 029)
Sahara Net (Biller Code 048)
Sama Lel Tayaran (Biller Code 011)
Samba Services Payments (Biller Code 012)
Saudi Arabian Airlines (Biller Code 022)
Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (Biller Code 108)
Saudi Commission For Health Specialties (Biller Code 129)
Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB) (Biller Code 058)
Saudi Credit Bureau(SIMAH) (Biller Code 036)
Saudi Electric Company (Biller Code 002)
Saudi Electronic University (Biller Code 137)
Saudi Food And Drugs Authority (Biller Code 109)
Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Biller Code 068)
Saudi Ports Authority (Biller Code 089)
Saudi Post (Biller Code 021)
Saudi Railways Organization (Biller Code 120)
Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization (Biller Code 049)
SaudiNet DSL Cards (Biller Code 038)
SBM (Biller Code 083)
SHB Credit Card (Biller Code 031)
SHOWTIME (Biller Code 032)
Smart Cash (Biller Code 107)
STC (Biller Code 001)
Supreme Commission for Tourism (Biller Code 057)
TAAJEER Company (Biller Code 063)
Tabouk Municipality (Biller Code 062)
Taibah University (Biller Code 106)
Tawunyia (Biller Code 003)
The General Authority of Civil Aviation (Biller Code 098)
The General Organization for Social Insurance (Biller Code 060)
Umm Al-Qura University (Biller Code 132)
United Installment Sales Company (Biller Code 065)
Water Bills (Biller Code 015)
Zain (Biller Code 044)

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