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Terms and conditions for account opening through Bank AlJazira web site

I, hereby, the Account Holder and beneficiary acknowledge and declare the following:
  I have requested to open a current account in Bank AlJazira and receive an ATM card electronically as part of the pilot phase supported by Saudi Central bank SANDBOX
  I understand and commit to update my personal information when requested by the bank AlJazira and not to exceed five years and acknowledge that if I failed to comply with that, the bank will block/freeze and suspend my account
  I am the legal and legitimate beneficiary of the account and all the information I provided herein are true and reliable
  I am not legally prohibited from dealing with
  I am not incompetent to open an account by my own or require a reference to introduce the bank's procedures (Mentally or physically disabled, blind or hearing impaired)
  I confirm I know that I can only use my account through the electronic channels
  I understand that If I need a cheque book or to perform any physical transaction in any branch, I need to visit the branch and complete the required documentations
  I agree to provide bank AlJazira with any requested information to establish my account/for review/ to manage and authorize the bank to get whatever needs of information
  I confirm that the funds deposited in my account(s) are from a legal and legitimate source and that they are free from counterfeiting. I also agree that if the bank receives from me any counterfeited notes (amount), I will not be compensated or refunded for the counterfeited amount detected and received by the bank.
  I have read, understood & will abide by the terms and conditions and other provisions of this account opening agreement.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Definitions and clarifications

a. Definitions:
The following terms and expressions - wherever mentioned in this agreement - have the meanings set forth opposite each of them, unless the context requires otherwise:
The first party: the bank / bank whose details are shown in Clause (First) of this agreement.
The second party: the customer of the bank / bank whose data are described in clause (first) of this agreement, and who has originally signed or has been signed by proxy on this agreement, or the account holders of natural persons (individuals) who have originally signed or have been signed by proxy on this agreement In the case of a joint account.
Current account: an accounting record opened by the bank and established under this agreement upon the request of the customer, and entails rights and obligations for both parties, and the rights and obligations include accounting entries made by the bank in accordance with the banking regulations, rules and norms.
B. Clarifications:
In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires:
1. The reference to years, months and days is a reference to them according to the Hijri calendar).
2. The reference to the agreement is a reference to clause (first), clause (second) and clause (third) and annexes to the agreement, and this includes the amendments or additions that are made to it.

2. Preface

Where the second party wishes to open a current account with the first party, and where the first party agreed to the second party’s request, the two parties, with full legal and legal capacity, agreed to conclude this agreement. It is subject to the provisions of relevant laws, regulations and instructions such as the Anti-Money Laundering Law, the Law on Combating Terrorism Crimes and Its Financing and their implementing regulations, and the instructions issued by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia such as the rules for bank accounts, and in the event of a conflict between the provisions of the agreement and the provisions of the regulations and instructions; The provisions of the regulations and instructions prevail over others.

The preface above is an integral part of this agreement.

3. The Rights and obligations of both parties

1. The first party is obligated to open a current account for the second party and to exert the necessary care to implement his/her orders on the account within the limits of banking regulations, rules and norms. The first party is not responsible for any damage arising from the implementation of these orders unless this damage is a result of his/her gross negligence or his/her commitment to behavior Willfully misconduct or failure to act with due diligence intended for the purposes of implementing the Agreement; Attention, skill, prudence and diligence in accordance with the conditions that are expected to perform within the reasonable limits of any similar establishment.
2. The first party has the right to benefit from the amounts deposited in the current account for his/her benefit, with his/her full commitment to enable the second party from these amounts immediately upon his/her request. The second party may not claim any profits from that, provided that the two parties have an independent agreement to arrange the relationship in which the second party can obtain Profits from those amounts.
3. The second party is prohibited from using the account for any unlawful purpose or activity, and he/she must inform the first party in the event of any objection or suspicion of operations taking place on his/her account, and the lapse of (thirty) days from the date of carrying out any operation without the objection of the second party. His/her approval and confirmation of its safety.
4. The first party may collect a specific fee from the second party in exchange for the services it provides to it, and it may collect it directly without referring to the second party, provided that these fees are not inconsistent with what is issued by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, and that they be published in the branches of the first party and its website Mail (30) days before the fees apply.
5. The second party shall bear any expenses or taxes imposed by the state regarding any services or products that the first party provides to the second party, whether they are imposed now or may be imposed in the future.
6. The first party informs the second party via text messages for the mobile phone number mentioned in the agreement - or any other means agreed upon - of the following:
a. All transactions executed on the current account as soon as they occur.
B. Long enough before the account status changes.
7. The second party is obligated to update the personal identity and its information recorded in the agreement if it is updated or changed, and the first party may; In the event of a breach of this and for the purposes of adherence to the applicable regulations, freeze the current account.
8. The second party agrees that the first party, for the purposes of opening and operating the current account, and adhering to the applicable regulations, shall obtain his/her personal identity data and updated information through the services provided by the National Information Center or any other reliable and independent bodies.
9. The first party may, in the event of a breach by the second party of this agreement, take the measures it deems appropriate within the limits of banking regulations, rules and norms.
10. The second party has the right to close the current account and obtain the full credit balance at any time, after submitting a request to the first party accompanied by the ATM cards, checks and any belongings arising from the account, and the first party may reject the account closure request if it is associated with any financial obligations such as issuing letters of guarantee Opening documentary credits, deducting commercial papers and other similar obligations that require the continuation of the account.
11. The first party has the right to close the account when opening the current account and not deposit any money in it for a period of (Ninety) days from the date of opening the account, or the second party deposits a certain amount and then withdraws from it so that the account balance is zero for a period of (four) years, taking into account Notify the second party via text messages for the mobile phone number mentioned in the agreement - or any other means agreed upon - long enough before closing the account.
12. The first party may send text messages, communicate by phone, or send marketing publications to the second party regarding the services and products provided by the first party; This is unless the second party shows unwillingness to receive these marketing messages and publications in accordance with Clause (First) of the agreement.
13. The second party has the right to view his/her account statement through electronic banking services, and he/she may also request to send an account statement to his/her e-mail or national address indicated in the agreement or to any other address he/she specifies.
14. In the event that the first party becomes aware of the death of the second party or losing his/her eligibility or the opening of any of the liquidation or administrative liquidation procedures, he/she shall stop dealing on the account until the heirs are determined by a legal instrument or the guardian / legal guardian or the liquidator (the trustee of the liquidation or the bankruptcy committee) is appointed. Managing the account by a decision of the competent court.
15. All the accounts of the second party with the first party are considered as one account, and the first party may at any time and without referring to the second party conduct a set-off between them and deduct from them in order to meet any obligations imposed on him.
16. It is not permissible for a party that has defaulted or neglected to notify the other party of a change in its contact address or one of them within (seven) days; The excuse of not being aware of the notification or not having received it.
17. The second party shall refrain from making any transfers outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for any non-profit organizations, and the first party shall refuse to make these transfers.
18. The first party does not bear any responsibility towards the second party when delaying or not delivering the bank transfer to the beneficiary due to an error or malfunction occurring in the technical systems outside the control of the first party, or in the event that the beneficiary’s information is incomplete or non-existent, or for any other reason outside of his/her control. The first party, unless the delay or failure to deliver the bank transfer resulted from the first party’s failure to perform the necessary care or his/her gross negligence
19. All deposits and withdrawals in foreign currency shall be subject to the rate approved by the first party for foreign currency exchange.
20. With regard to joint accounts, the credit balance available in the account is considered the property of its two parties as partners according to the percentages specified for each of them in the agreement, and the partners bear the debit balance arising in the account for any reason whatsoever. The first party has the right to suspend the account in the event of the death or loss of eligibility of one of the partners or the opening of any of the liquidation or administrative liquidation procedures against any of them, or receiving a notification from one of the partners that there is a dispute between them.
21. The invalidity, irregularity, or unenforceability of any of the terms of the agreement does not lead to the invalidity of the rest of the terms of the agreement, provided that the two parties commit to amend the clause in accordance with the relevant regulations and controls.
22. The first party may amend the agreement from time to time - without prejudice to the instructions of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia-, provided that the first party is obligated to inform the second party of the amendments thirty (thirty) days before the date of its effectiveness, and the amendments are applied after the period referred to in this paragraph has passed as of The date of its publication on the first party's website. Not withdrawing from the agreement is the approval and acceptance of the amendments from the second party.
23. The agreement shall remain in effect until the date of closing the account by one of the parties.
24. The first party must maintain the confidentiality of all data and account information provided by the second party, with the exception of what is disclosed by the first party for specific professional and operational purposes - after obtaining the approval of the second party - and for the competent government agencies in accordance with the relevant regulations and controls.
25. The first party may keep all documents related to the second party’s account for a minimum period of (ten) years from the date of the agreement’s expiration.
26. For the activation and participation purpose in the additional services provided in the instant payment system; The account information will be automatically and confidentially shared with the Saudi Payments Company (The National operator of the system) as needed, the information that will be shared is as follows:
     A. Customer Name.
     B. Account Number.
     C. Mobile Number.
     D. ID Number.
     E. E-mail.
27. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any dispute that arises between the parties is settled amicably, and if the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, any of the parties has the right to refer it to the competent judicial authority.
28. This agreement has been prepared in both the Arabic and English languages, and in case there is a difference in the text between them, the text shall be adopted in the Arabic language, which is the original.

4. Services and products offered related to the current account

The first party provides the second party with a number of services and products related to the current account, including what is shown below. Its submission is subject to the terms and conditions Annexes to this agreement, and is an integral part of it.
     ATM Card
     Electronic Banking
     Phone Banking
     Check Book

5. The pledges and declarations of the first party

The first party undertakes and acknowledges to the second party the following:
1. Treating fairly and equitably, and adhering to the principle of disclosure and transparency.
2. Protecting the privacy of information and not using it except for specific professional and operational purposes - after obtaining the approval of the second party - with the exception of what the first party discloses to the competent government agencies in accordance with the relevant regulations and controls.
3.To take all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect its technical information systems and customer data in its business and the business of its subsidiaries and subsidiaries, and that it has taken the necessary care and made reasonable efforts in establishing, maintaining, implementing and following the controls, policies and procedures of information technology, information security, cybersecurity and data protection, including from operations Supervision and control of access to technical systems, encryption, virtual and actual protection, and has plans for the necessary business continuity, recovery plans, and security plans designed to protect against any penetration, destruction, loss, interference, modification or exploitation.

6. The pledges and declarations of the second party

The second party undertakes and acknowledges, while fully competent in the law and by law, of the following:
1. He/she is not prohibited by law from dealing with him, and that all the data he/she provided are correct, reliable and up-to-date.
2. He/she is responsible before the competent authorities for the funds that are deposited in his/her account with his/her knowledge, and those deposited in his/her account without his/her knowledge, whether he/she disposed of them personally or did not dispose of them in the event that he/she was not officially informed of them when he/she knew they were in his/her account.
3. The funds deposited in the account are the result of his/her legitimate activities and that he/she is responsible for their safety, and if the first party received any illegal or counterfeit funds from him, he/she is not entitled to recover or compensate them.
4. The first party has the right to freeze the account or any of the amounts recorded in it and to notify the competent authorities in the event of suspicion that the sums resulted from financial fraud or illegal operations in accordance with the applicable regulations and instructions.
5. He/she is the true beneficiary of the account.
6. He/she is fully aware that it is forbidden to transfer to persons or entities unknown to him according to the applicable laws and instructions, and that all transfers that he/she undertakes are to persons and destinations known to him and for personal, known and legitimate purposes.
7. He/she has read and understood the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. He/she will also read the terms and conditions for services and products related to the current account, and published on the first party’s website.

8. Tax declaration:

I declare that all the particulars and information provided herein, are true, correct, complete and up-to-date in all respects and I have not withheld any information and I acknowledge that Bank ALJAZIRA will rely on the information provided in this form until notice in writing satisfactory to the bank its revocation and by submission of an updated Self-Certification & Declaration Form is received by the bank within 30 days where any change in circumstances occurs.

I hereby undertake to inform the bank of any change in information / circumstances provided, and to furnish to the bank any changes/amendments taking place in future with reference to the documents submitted by me/us as and when such changes/amendments occur.

I undertake to inform the bank if I am away from my own country of residence for any period that may impact the United States Substantial Presence Test as herein defined, or the presence test related to any other countries I am tax residents in.

I confirm and accept that should any withholding, tax, other impositions or other governmental dues related to me become payable to domestic or overseas regulators or tax authorities, all payments made to me shall be net of any such taxes etc.. Bank ALJAZIRA assumes no liability in this regard.

I waive Bank ALJAZIRA of its duty of confidentiality and grant it the liberty to make available, as and when required by law/authorities, to the Courts, regulatory/or other authorities of Saudi Arabia or my country of residence or the country in whose currency this account will be maintained or routed, or to any other regulator/tax authority or other authorities in domestic and other jurisdictions, any information relating to my account, without any prior consent from me.

I undertake to hold the Bank harmless and indemnify the Bank against any direct and indirect losses, expenses, liabilities and/or claims whatsoever that may arising at any time, in connection with this declaration.

Any information / documents provided by you or your authorized representative in relation to this self-certification form shall only be disclosed to the relevant authorities for the purpose of compliance with FATCA and / or CRS requirements.

Agreement Annexes

1. ATM Card Terms and Conditions

1. The Customer shall bear all the consequences of the card's use, whether in the case of cash withdrawal, purchase or any other transaction, whether through the card directly or indirectly, and the Customer shall in all cases be fully responsible for all uses and obligations arising from using the card.
2. The maximum amount allowed for cash withdrawals transactions is SAR 5,000 per day. And SAR 20,000 for Point Of Sale and online (for both primary & supplementary), and the Customer may apply to increase the POS and online purchases limit within the limits permitted by the Regulation in addition to the Bank's policy.
3. In case of international cash withdrawal or international purchases, the transaction shall be posted to the card holder account in SAR currency based on the foreign exchange rate provided by VISA\MasterCard at the time of the transaction in addition to 2.75% added to the transaction value. The Customer shall incur in differences between the foreign exchange rate at the time of processing the transaction and at the time of posting the transaction.

o An International transaction is any transaction performed at a merchant who is registered outside Saudi Arabia or any transaction performed with-non Saudi Riyal currency.
4. The Customer is prohibited from enabling anyone else beside him to use Al Jazira card or to disclose its PIN, including to the Bank's employees. It shall be bound by its PIN under the Customer’s control and personal responsibility. AlJazira card remains the property of Bank AlJazira and the Account Holder undertakes to return it immediately to the Bank at any time upon request.
5. Atheer service allows the Cardholder to use the e-payment process in a way that does not exceed the payment limit for the Atheer service specified by Bank AlJazira without entering the PIN through NFC (Near Field Communication). The card holder is fully responsible for the transactions through which it is carried out. The Bank has the right to amend the payment limit in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations without having to obtain the client's approval.
6. The online purchases is available as soon as the Customer activates MADA card. The Customer can stop this service through Al Jazira Online. The Customer acknowledges that he is fully responsible for all online transactions and his acceptance of all actions taken by the Bank on his account to complete online purchases.
7. Upon receipt of Al Jazira Mada Renewal Card, the Customer is obliged to set the PIN number in a secure way either through secure access to the electronic channels (Al Jazira Online, Al Jazeera Smart) or through Al Jazira Bank ATMs. The Customer agrees that setting off the PIN is sufficient proof of receipt and activation of the renewed Card by the Account Holder (Cardholder).
8. The Bank shall have the right, without the need for the Client's approval or notification, to suspend the Card or any of its services for a specified or indefinite period if it deems at its sole discretion necessary to protect the rights of the Customer or the Bank.
9. The Customer acknowledges that the terms of use of the Card or other services or conditions issued from time to time by the Bank or VISA are an integral part of this Agreement and shall be read and interpreted as if they were part of its terms, provided the Customer is informed immediately.
10.In case of loss, theft or damaged of the card and / or the disclosure of the PIN (whether intentionally or unintentionally) by the account holder, the bank must be notified in writing immediately. And the card holder will be responsible for all transactions carried out by Mada Card until the Bank receives this communication.
11.The MADA Cardholder or MADA supplementary card holder must inform the bank in writing as soon as possible in case of any change in the address or phone numbers of work, private office or home. Any notice sent by Bank AlJazira to the last address of the Mada Cardholder before the Bank receives the written amendment shall be deemed valid and delivered to the Cardholder.
12.Bank AlJazira shall not be liable in the event of refusal or non-acceptance of the Mada Card by any commercial establishment. The dispute shall be settled between the card holder and the commercial establishment. The Bank shall not be liable for any such liability.
13.The Cardholder must report the loss or theft of the Card to the Bank on tel. 920006666 (from within the Kingdom) or on +966920006666. Lost or stolen card. And the Customer shall be responsible for any transactions executed by the Card before the Bank receives written or telephone notification of the loss or theft of the Card.
14.The Customer undertakes to immediately notify the bank upon encountering any of the following circumstances:
• Capture of the card by any ATM.
• Non-Remittance by the ATM of the cash amount withdrawn.
• Detection of any error in the entries recorded on the account shown to the Customer on the receipt or ATM screen.
15.After the Bank receives notice of the loss or theft of the Card by the Customer, the Bank shall suspend the Card which has been reported as lost or stolen and the Customer shall not assume any other responsibility after the reporting time, provided that he has reported in good faith and exerted all due diligence and effort to maintain the Card unless it is proved to the Bank that his disposal If the card is found, the Cardholder must notify the bank and immediately and deliver the card to a bank branch for destruction, and the Cardholder must not attempt to use it.
16.Notwithstanding any violation of any of the foregoing, the Customer shall be liable for all losses incurred by the Bank as a result of the use of the Card by any person obtaining it with the Customer's consent.
17.Any supplementary cards on the same account are subject to the same terms and conditions in accordance with this Agreement and apply to the primary card. The daily draw limit on ATMs and POS will be divided on all cards associated with a single account.
18.The Cardholder shall be fully and directly responsible for transactions executed through the use of the Supplementary Card in accordance with this Agreement.
19.The Supplementary Card is an unconditional and irrevocable authorization issued by the Customer to the person using the Supplementary Card at any time for any transaction. The Customer is therefore directly responsible for all obligations arising in connection with the Supplementary Card as if such obligations arise from the Customer himself.
20.Registering (Provisioning) the card in mobile wallets such as ApplePay, MADA Pay…etc. is an unconditional and irrevocable authorization issued by the Customer to the person using the mobile or any accessories that accept mobile payment at any time for any transaction. The Customer is therefore directly responsible for all obligations arising from these transactions as if these obligations originated from the Customer himself. In the event of loss of the card, mobile phone or any accessories that accept mobile payment (in case the card is provisioned in such wallets), the Customer shall immediately notify the bank of the request to stop mobile payment transactions. The Customer shall be responsible for any transactions performed by mobile\ accessories before the Bank's call center receives written or telephone notification to stop the mobile payment transactions.
21.The customer agrees to receive phone calls and text messages from Bank AlJazira for marketing purposes and to sell products and services provided by the bank, as the customer agrees to record all calls made between the customer and the bank, and the recorded calls are officially authenticated and can be consulted and acted upon when needed.
22.In case of conflict between Arabic and English texts, the Arabic text shall prevail.
23.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Courts and its laws and regulations should govern this Agreement.

2. Phone Banking Terms and Conditions

1. The holder of Al Jazira ATM card (also referred to as / Account Holder / and hereinafter referred to as / Card Holder) hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions governing the provision of the services of using ATM card in the different cash and points of sales machines and Al Jazira Phone Services using their secret / pin code. “Card Holder “means the customer or supplementary nominee who shares holding and using the card.
2. The customer shall issue a PIN number for the card, and if he desires to use Al Jazira phone banking services, he must choose an additional PIN number and the (PIN) of the ATM card must be different from the (PIN) of Al Jazira phone banking services.
3. The Card Holder, under any circumstances, may not disclose the PIN number or the secret code of the ATM card or the phone services to any other person and shall be solely responsible for any use, loss, costs or expenses, whether directly or indirectly, incurred due to the reveling of the pin number or secret code to anyone else, If the Card Holder suspected that the PIN number or secret code is disclosed to someone else he must immediately notifies the Bank and change the PIN number.
4. The Account Holder must sign on the back of Al Jazira ATM card immediately upon receipt from the Bank.
5. The ATM Card remains the sole property of Al Jazira bank and the Account Holder shall surrender and deliver it to the Bank immediately upon demand or upon closure of account(s).
6. Al Jazira Bank ATM card is non-transferable and must be used by the Account Holder only. The Bank may voluntarily, but without being obliged, record the instructions of the Card Holder via phone on recording tapes. Accordingly the Card Holder agrees on the Bank recording his phonic instructions and the Bank may use such recordings for any purpose it deems necessary, including using them as evidence in any legal or judicial proceedings be instituted by or against the Card Holder or any other person, inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
7. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage, or expenses may be incurred by the Card Holder as a result of the bank's work based on any telephonic instructions recognized by the PIN number or secret code of the phone which is owned by the Card Holder, including but not limited to the cases where the card holder is complying with the provisions of clause (3) above. The Card Holder agrees to guarantee the bank full protection against any loss or damage or expenses incurred by it as a result of not complying with such instructions.
8. Subject to that, the Card Holder agrees that the Bank will not be liable for any consequential loss directly or indirectly caused by the inability of the Card Holder to obtain the services of Bank Al Jazira for any reason, whether it is inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Bank shall debit the account of the Card Holder with the expense of any amount withdrawn or the value of any transfer or purchases or any operations carried out through the use of the ATM card of Al Jazira Bank or through telephone banking services including any currency exchange rate and expense and the Card Holder in all cases is fully responsible for such operations.
9. The instructions given for obtaining Al Jazira Phone Services may be included in a separate operating handbook subject to change by the Bank as well as the modification and deletion without a prior written or verbal notice to the Card Holder and the Bank may also add other products and services in the future. The changes and amendments to the terms and conditions if found will be communicated to the Card Holder and will be sent by the bank to the last address of the Card Holder known to the bank as soon as it suits the means appropriate and available to the bank information, and such changes and amendments to the terms and conditions will be binding to the Card Holder even if he did not receive the updated information due to change in his address or telephone number and the bank was not informed of such changes.
10. At the time the Card Holder chooses his phone PIN code, he shall not for his own protection choose numbers that are usually associated with each other’s or successive numbers, whether descending or ascending or common numbers such as date of birth …etc. where such figures are often simple and easy to guess by someone else so that they can be used for dishonest purposes. To achieve more protection for the Card Holder's own interest, he/she must choose a secret code for the phone which is quite different from code chosen by the ATM. The bank reserves the right to stop secret code of the phone services or ATM card after three failed attempts to obtain Al Jazira phone banking services or the ATM.
11. Accordingly, the Card Holder agrees that the Bank, from time to time, shall carry out operations based on the phonic instructions using the Bank internal manual identification procedures without using the secret code of the phone services. The Card Holder agrees that the Bank should not be liable or responsible for doing or not doing such a procedure.
12. All telephonic instructions are subject to the restrictions set by the bank from time to time, whether due to internal policy requirements or by order of the formal legislative or legal authorities.
13. The bank shall have the option at any time to charge any fee it deems appropriate for Al Jazira phone banking services as mentioned above and in any case, the requests for swift or Sarie transfers, and banking checks, express or international mailing charges etc. will be subject to normal charges which are appropriate for the purposes of the requested service(s), accordingly the Card Holder irrevocably and unconditionally authorizes the bank to deduct its cost/value from any of his bank accounts in the bank at the time of the implementation of the telephonic instructions or at a later time, as it is decided by the Bank.
14. Al Jazira bank shall be entitled under its absolute authority to approve the re-issue or replacement of a card due to loss or theft on the same terms and conditions of the first card, which can be changed from time to time without reference to the Card Holder. The Bank reserves the right to charge a replacement and delivery fees deducted directly from the account of the Card Holder / requester at a price determined by the Bank who will notify the Card Holder of such deduction by SMS or detailed statement according to the applicable banking tariff.
15. Bank shall be entitled to cancel the ATM card or Al Jazira phone banking services or to suspend the right to use the card at any time upon its sole discretion and without prior notice to the Account Holder when the interest of the bank so requires.

3. Online Banking Terms and Conditions

AlJazira SMART/Online Registration Terms and Conditions
1- Definitions
The following definitions apply to these Terms of Use and Disclaimer Statements
'You', and 'your' these terms refers to any person accessing this web site
'Bank al-Jazira', 'baj', 'bank', 'we', 'us", and 'our' - these terms are references to bank al-Jazira.
'Site' - this term refers to the web site of bank al-Jazira and pages thereof, in part or in full.
Please read the following terms of use and disclaimer statements carefully before using this web site. By accessing and using the site and any web page thereof, you unconditionally agree to be bound by these terms of use and take full cognizance of all the disclaimer statements. If any of these terms and disclaimer statements is unacceptable to you, please desist from accessing the site or any web page thereof.
Specific terms and conditions applicable to products and services offered by bank al-jazira and in relation to such products and services, the specific terms and conditions shall prevail in the event of any conflict with this document.
Bank Al-Jazira, BAJ, and the Arabian Peninsula logo are registered trademarks and service marks. Bank AlJazira may also claim trademark and service mark rights to other marks that appear in the pages.
Copyright in the images, graphics, information, text, materials, screens, and web pages including their design and arrangements that appear in the Site is owned by Bank Al-Jazira (BAJ) or others as indicated.

Bank Al-Jazira maintains the Site to provide you with information about its products and services, and other financial information that you may find useful. The Site will also help facilitate communication between you and Bank Al-Jazira in any business activity that you may be interested in transacting with us.
The products and services including information described within this Site are directed at, and are readily available within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These have been prepared in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and may not comply with the laws of other countries. You may therefore not be eligible for all the products or services described. Any application and request for products and services initiated outside the Kingdom for which a question of eligibility and legal order may be interposed due to geographical location will be subject to a review of the Bank in order to establish lawful compliance, your eligibility for such products and services, and acceptability of such application or request. BANK AL-JAZIRA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DECLINE ACCEPTANCE OF ANY SUCH APPLICATION OR REQUEST AT ANY TIME FOR WHATSOEVER REASON WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOU NOR LEGAL LIABILITY FOR ANY FINANCIAL DAMAGE OR LOSS FROM SUCH ACTION ON THE PART OF BANK AL-JAZIRA.

Unless otherwise prohibited by law, any communication or material transmitted to us over the internet through the Site shall be deemed and remain the property of Bank Al-Jazira, treated on non-confidential basis except in cases wherein prior specific agreement has been given by Bank Al-Jazira or as required by law, and will be freely used by us for any purpose and manner that we believe to be suitable and consistent with our Privacy Policies, including reproduction, publication, broadcast, and posting
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You acknowledge that orders and instructions that you have entered through the Service prior to the transmittal of our Confirmation will remain authorized by you which the Bank may or may not execute at its sole discretion, and you commit to indemnify the Bank from any damages or financial loss arising from any execution or inaction pertinent to such orders and instructions.
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You agree that the Bank, with or without notice, may charge a fee by debiting your account(s) for any extra-ordinary orders or instructions beyond the realm of normal banking needs, or, for those orders that do not conform to your historical banking transactions and orders.
The Bank reserves the right to impose service charges and transaction fees on existing and future services. Any such tariffs will be published under AlJazira Online. The Bank, although not obliged to do so, may also notify you by either e-mail, by postal mail, or, by advertisement in local papers, as it deems necessary. By using the Service after such changes on tariffs has been set forth, you in fact unconditionally agree for the Bank to automatically debit your account(s) with such tariff(s).
This document shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the regulations and laws of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You and the bank irrevocably agree to submit to the SAMA committee for settlement of Banking Disputes any disputes and matters that may arise in relation to these disclaimer statement for resolution.
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The bank has the right to freeze the account or any of the amounts recorded in it if the bank suspects that the account has been used or that the sums are the result of financial fraud.
The bank has the right to close or freeze the account immediately in case of embezzlement or fraud are detected.
In the event of mistakenly depositing amounts into the account, the bank has the right to correct the error by withdrawing the entire amount. In case the customer withdraws the entire amount deposited by mistake, the bank has the right to over draft the account and ask the customer to return the full amount unlawfully withdrawn without any additional fees.
In the event that the customer refuses to return the amount deposited by mistake, the bank has the right to take legal actions through the competent authority (Banking Disputes Committee)
14. AlJazira Online Credit Card Customer
If you register to AlJazira Online or AlJazira SMART with your credit card (without having an account at bank AlJazira), you will be limited to services related to credit cards or services that allow payments using a credit card and some other services. If you already have an account or decide to open an account, your AlJazira Online and AlJazira SMART access will be switched to full access automatically, meaning, you will have access to all services provided through AlJazira Online and AlJazira SMART without limitations.
You understand that by signing on these terms and conditions, you explicitly agree to all the terms and conditions and the privacy statement published on our website and obligate yourself to use AlJazira online exclusively within the provisions, and ways and means provided herein.
All the above provisions constitute the terms and conditions. Your signature hereunder provides sufficient evidence of your unconditional acceptance of all the terms and conditions herein. Upon your acceptance, no modification, revision, amendment, alteration, omission or deletion of any part of these terms and conditions and/or insertion of any provision or phrase of any sort is allowed. In case of any such changes, you agree that such changes shall be automatically construed as null and void, and shall not be legally binding on or enforceable against the bank. Should the bank receive any modified terms and conditions in hard copy or by electronic means, or in any other form of communications, you acknowledge and accept that receipt thereof by the bank will not constitute acceptance nor agreement under any circumstances whatsoever, and that such modified terms and conditions will be automatically understood as rejected without any need for response or notice in any manner. You also accept that any reproduction or duplication of these terms and conditions should be identical in content, form, and substance.

4. Check Books Terms and Conditions

1. Checkbooks Keeping /Responsibility:
The bank shall not be responsible if the Account Holder loses his checkbook(s) or any other document issued by the bank, as it shall not bear any responsibility if it has been used by others. The Account Holder shall keep checkbooks and all valuable documents in a secured and safe place and must immediately notify the Bank through the Authorized channels if he/she suspects loss or stolen checks or check books. The Account Holder shall ensure returning the unused check books / checks to the Bank in the event of closing his/her account(s) with the Bank.
2. Printing on Checks / Using a Stamp for Signing:
The Account Holder shall solely bear the responsibility for the occurrence of any changes on checks withdrawn by him on his account or those that have been printed by any means of printing, also the Account Holder shall solely bear all responsibilities arising from the misuse of the stamp or the printed signature and the responsibility for keeping the stamp or stamps in a safe place and notifies the bank in through the Authorized channels if they have been lost or stolen.
3. Stopping Payment of a Check (checks):
The Account Holder has no right to ask for stopping the payment of any check issued by him/her except in compliance with the regulations of the commercial papers and other regulations in force.
In any case, payment /cashing of any check value issued by the Account Holder will not be stopped unless the Account Holder submits a written request/notice of lost or stolen checks to the bank. This request will not be effective before the Bank has acknowledged receiving such notification provided that the check has not been cashed. The bank shall provide confirmation of stopping the payment of the checks and reflect that on the Bank books/systems. The Account Holder must illustrate in the request the account number, the number and date of the check, the name of the payee, the value of the check and the reason for the request. The Account Holder must compensate the bank for any losses or claims arising out of executing the Account Holder’s instructions to stop / cash / pay any check. The Bank is also entitled to ignore/ disregard /condone any request to stop cashing/payment of a check issued by the Account Holder if the check reported lost or stolen is presented by the first /original beneficiary.

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