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Do you aspire to own a property such as a villa, duplex, apartment or piece of land but you do not have sufficient liquidity for that?

Bank AlJazira now brings you the solution to acquire the property of your dreams through "Baity", specialized Residential financing product with down payment of 10% only from property value for salary transferred or 25% for Non-Salary transferred. 


Features & Benefits

  • Financing up to 90% of Property Value for salary transferred, otherwise up to 75% for Non-salary transferred
  • Financing up to SR 8,000,000  
  • 6 months deferral for the first repayment of the finance  
  • A competitive profit rate.* 
  • Ability to obtain Joint Finance with first degree relatives to obtain higher finance amount  
  • Financing to buy residential ready unit or land is possible 
  • Takaful (life insurance) in case of death or total disability (God forbid).  
  • Property insurance coverage against Fire & natural disasters throughout the finance period  
  • Finance is also possible for self employed  
  • Ability to transfer existing finance from other institutions    
* APR starts from 4.78% which includes all fees
*Administration and evaluation fees are 1% of the total amount of funding or up to SR 5,000 and subject to 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) up to SR 250


  • Saudi or GCC national 
  • Good credit history 
  • Minimum age of 21 years 
  • Minimum salary for employee is SR 6,000 
  • For joint Ijara, SR 5,000 Salary per month for Main applicant and SR 3,000 for joint applicant 
  • Minimum average monthly income for the last six months starts from SR 20,000 for self-employed applicants 
  • Minimum service of 6 months for private sector staff while no minimum service for Government sector staff 
  • Practicing current business for at least 2 years for self-employed applicants

Property Specifications

  •  Availability of the title deed (notarized registration) 
  • Real-estate located within the city boundaries 
  • Not older than 20 years and 40 years at finance maturity 
  • Vacant and ready to move in

Client Documentations

  • Valid national Saudi ID card 
  • Certificate letter of employment one month old or less (for employed applicants) 
  • Letter of Salary transfer and end of service (not required for Non- salary transferred) 
  • Bank statement for the last three months (for staff) and last six months (for self-employed) 
  • Proof of all sources of income (for employees and self-employed) 
  • Commercial Registration and work permit for self-employed 
  • 2 Years financial statements except for self-employed professionals who do not have a registered company. Example: Engineers, Lawyers, etc.

Property Documentations

  •  Copy of ID card or company commercial registration for the owner of the property
  • Identical photocopy of the title deed
  • Sketch of the property location showing its area dimensions as well as name and address of the current owner
  • Municipality clearance (building permit); vacant plots are excluded from this requirement
  • Written price offer by the current owner
  • Copy of last utility bills for the real-estate (vacant plots are excluded from this requirement)

How to apply?

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