Point of Sale Limit Increase

Now you can increase the daily limit for your purchases through point of sales with Bank AlJazira debit cards whether you are in the Kingdom or abroad from the current limit of 20,000 riyals to one of the following new limits:
  • SAR 30,000
  • SAR 40,000
  • SAR 50,000
  • SAR 60,000

Service Benefits


  • The ability to perform local or international transactions up to SR200,000 through POS devices
  • Ability to control the daily limit of any of your cards
  • Ability to Increase/Decrease the limit as the customer sees fit.
  • Immediate service activation through our different channels. 

You can change your daily limit for purchases through the following channels:


  • AlJazira Phone
  • ATMs
  • Aljazira Online 
  • Visiting one of our branches

How to change the limit through ATM:


  • Insert your debit card and enter your PIN 
  • Press "other services" 
  • Then press "card settings"
  • Then press "Change POS Purchase Limits"
  • You will then be asked which limit you would like your Debit cards limit to be up to a maximum of SAR 200,000 (for AlMasi and Private banking customers ) , up to SAR 150,000 for AlThahabi and up to SAR 100,000 for Classic customers. 
  • Confirm the amount and enjoy your new spending limit. 

How to change the limit through AlJazira Phone:


  • Call AlJazira phone for your segment with the number located at the back of your card. 
  • Enter your Debit card number and phone password, then an SMS will come for confirmation.
  • Your accounts' details will be available for selection to do the daily limit spend change
  • Press 1 to change daily limit
  • Press 1 to listen to terms and conditions
  • Press 2 to proceed 
  • Press 9 to go back to main menu
  • To accept press 1
  • To decline press 2

How to change the limit through Aljazira Online:


  • Sign in to your online account by visiting www.online.baj.com.sa
  • On the main page, Click on Cards 
  • Click on Debit cards 
  • Click on Update POS Limit 
  • Read and Accept terms and conditions 
  • Choose your new limit 
  • Enter one time password sent to you registered phone number 
  • You will get a confirmation message if your limit has been successfully updated

Restrictions and limitations:


  • This service only available for point of sale transactions, and does not include cash withdrawals. 
  • This service is available for international transactions, however, some countries might have a cap and does not allow the desired new limit.
  • Services Available through Bank Aljazira channels:
    • AlJazira Phone
    • ATMs
    • Aljazira Online 
    • Bank branches. 
  • The new limit will be approved based on the customer segment and account type as shown in the table below; 
Account Type New POS Limit
Classic SAR 100,000
Gold SAR 150,000
Almasi SAR 200,000
Private Banking SAR 200,000