Mobile Point of Sales Services (mPOS)

The mobile POS device is easy to operate and does not required SIM card for the connectivity because it is utilizing the merchant mobile device for the connectivity. mPOS serving a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, home delivery, office, taxi and business services in temporary or mobile locations.
The steps of the purchasing process carried out through the mobile point of sale are as follows:
  • Merchant enters the purchasing amount in the mobile application which is loaded on the mobile device of the merchant.
  • Debit cards (Mada) or credit cards is inserted with the PIN code in the POS device.
  • Once the transaction is approved, e-receipt is sent by text message or sent to the customer's email


Please contact the bank and we will provide you with the contract and install the terminal and all documents needs.
The process is easy and simple, just present us your establishment or company letter.
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