Bank AlJazira provides its customers with an instant money transfer service on electronic channels (AlJazira online, AlJazira ATM, and AlJazira Smart).

FAWRI for money transfer services provide instant money transfer services through electronic channels from MoneyGram, RIA and correspondent banks. This service allows Bank AlJazira customers to send their money quickly and easily.

Service Features:

  • Fast and instantaneous money transfer service.
  • The ability to use all the electronic channels of Bank AlJazira in an easy and comfortable way.

Service Requirements:

  • Opening Account in Bank AlJazira. To open your account, please Click Here.
  • Register in AlJazira Online. To register, please Click Here.

For more information on how to transfer thorugh Fawri, please Click Here

For more please visit Fawri site by Clicking Here or visting www.fawri.sa