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Infinite Credit Card

Use your Infinite card and get back your annual fee when you spend SAR 70,000 within a year (which is equivalent to SAR 5,834 monthly spent)

AlJazira Infinite Credit Card  
Annual Fee* 1000 SAR
Monthly Tawaroq Profit Margin 2.20%
Annual Tawaroq Profit Margin 26.40%
APR 39.10%
Supplementary Card Annual Fee Free
Cash Withdrawal Fee* 75 SAR per transaction
Card Replacement Fee Free
Card Re-activation Fee Free
International Transaction Fee  2.75%
Dispute Fee* 50 SAR per case
Cash Advance Limit 30% of the available credit limit with a cap of 5000 SAR per transaction
Minimum Monthly Payment 5% of the outstanding balance or 200 SAR ( whichever is higher)
Purchasing Waiver Period 21 days after the account statement date
Months until balance repaid in case of minimum repayment for Card limit 7,000 SAR 44 months
Tawaroq Calculation Tawaroq fees on the outstanding balance
Credit Card Statement Monthly

*These fees are subject to 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).

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