Our Programs


  1. Qard Hasan Loans Program:
    • This program aims to help families in need by granting them the chance to establish their small enterprises, through providing finance in cooperation with charities.
  2. Training and Rehabilitation for Business Market Program:
    • This program aims to train youth of both genders and prepare them for the labor market which helps them to open up their horizon and build their own future.
  3. People with Special Needs Program:
    • This program aims to help people with special needs of both genders to acquire the necessary skills and abilities to overcome the isolation imposed on them and to open the way for them to communicate with the outside community.
  4. Educational and Cultural Programs, and Social Participation:  
    • These programs aim to highlight the role the “Khair Aljazira le Ahl Aljazira” program plays in humanitarian and charity work, and social solidarity, through establishing business incubators and computers factories, in addition to organizing and hosting open festivals for orphans. 
  5. Rehabilitation of Social Work Leaderships Programs: 
    • This program aims to support rehabilitation programs that target those working in charities with the objective of enhancing their talents. This helps in developing specialized experts in social work. 
  6. Marketing of Productive Families Products) Program: 
    • This program aims to help families in need to provide their members with a decent lifestyle, through giving them access to outlets to market and sell their products.
  7. National and Islamic Participation, and Events of Social Responsibility:
    • This program aims to participate and sponsor national events and those related to social responsibility.