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Board Of Directors Elections

Bank AlJazira is pleased to announce the official opening of the Call for Nominations for Directorship seats on the Bank's Board of Directors for the next three (03) Gregorian years session, which will commence on 01/01/2019, and end on 31/12/2021.

Eligible Shareholders who wish to be considered for a membership seat as a Director on the Board of Directors for the term of this new session, and who meet all official regulatory and statutory requirements, including, The Companies Act; SAMA Banking Control Law; SAMA Directives relating to  directorship in Saudi banks requirements; SAMA Corporate Governance Principles for Banks; Corporate Governance Rules issued by the CMA; and all Bank Aljazira proprietary policies, rules and procedures for board membership (All of which are accessible through the Application Link on the bank’s website), may nominate themselves for consideration for a membership seat on the Board of Directors for this new session.

Applications for nomination will be accepted starting 19/11/1439H (01/08/2018G), until the closing date of 29/12/1439H (09/09/2018). The meeting of the General Assembly with “Election of Directors of the Board for the New Session” as an agenda item will be announced at a later stage, after having obtained the necessary approvals of the regulatory oversight authorities.

The following requirements must be attached with the nomination application:

  1. A Letter of Intent, personally signed by the applicant, declaring their intent to nominate themselves for a seat on the Board of Directors.
  2. Completed, signed and dated nomination application form.
  3. The applicant’s detailed biographical information containing all qualifications and experience in the banking business, if any.
  4. A list of all companies, institutions and entities in which the applicant has held ownership or directorship roles, which conduct commercial activities, similar in nature to, or competitive with, the bank’s business. A statement of directorship seats on any joint-stock companies and board committees that includes the following details:
    • Dates of candidate appointments on such boards or committees and termination dates.
    • Number of Board and Committee meetings held in each year of membership term.
    • Number of meetings attended by the candidate in his name during that session and attendance percentage.
    • A list of all companies and entities in which the candidate has directly or indirectly held directorship seats or ownership roles, and which conduct commercial activities that are similar in nature or competitive with the bank’s business
  5. A statement of kinship or other relationship with any of the Bank’s major shareholders or senior executives of the bank’s affiliated companies and/or subsidiaries, or with any of the bank’s external  auditors as described in the related parties' definitions and related relationship in the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the CMA.
  6. A statement of outstanding contracts or transactions with the bank, if any, and any interests held directly or indirectly therein by the candidate. 
  7. Clear signed copies of the candidate's national ID, family book and contact details of the candidate (land line, mobile, national address and e-mail).
  8. To fill and sign SAMA Fit and Proper form. This form can be obtained from SAMA website by Clicking Here  
  9. To fill and sign CMA Disclosure form No. 3. This form can be obtained from CMA website by Clicking Here 
  10. Any additional documents that may be requested by the regulatory oversight authorities, or by the Bank.
  11. Candidate who previously held a seat on Bank Aljazira's Board of directors, shall submit a statement about the last session of his directorship, including the following information: 
  • Number of Board meetings held during his term, number of actual meetings he attended, and percentage of his attendance of all meetings.
  • Permanent committees the candidate joined, and number of meetings held by each committee during his tenure, and percentage of candidate’s attendance of such meetings.
  • Summary of the financial results of the bank for each year of his directorship term.  
pdf Bank Aljazira Board membership terms and conditions
pdf Application for nomination to the election of the board of directors for the term commencing on 01/01/2019

All applications must be sent by e-mail to; original forms must be sent by registered mail after all questions in the forms are completely answered, and all pages of the forms hand-signed.

(Note: No forms will be accepted unless the signed originals of such forms are sent and received by registered mail as per the rules). 

All nomination applications shall be sent by registered mail to the following address:

Board of Directors Nomination and Remuneration Committee Secretary, 
Bank AlJazira Head Office, P.O.Box No. 6277,
King’s Road, Nahda District, 
Jeddah, Postal Code 21442.

For inquiries during normal working hours, of 8 AM – 5 PM,  please contact by telephone at:
Jeddah: +966(12)6098891
or e-mail:

AlJazira Phone
+966 9 2000 6666