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SADAD Account for Online Payment is a new service that allows you to make online transaction through your current account, without the need of having a credit card. All what you have to do is sign up for the service and register your account by logging to your online banking account and then transfer funds to your SADAD account when making transactions with participating merchants.

SADAD Account benefits

  • Making Online purchases without logging to your bank account
  • An easy and secure way for online shopping
  • The ability to make online purchases without having a credit card. 
  • Free of charge.

How to use SADAD Account

  • When you register online, you will be asked to create a username and password to be used when making online transactions
  • You must register for SADAD Account by logging to your online banking account at
  • When you make the online transaction, kindly follow the process below:
    • Choose the item you want to buy from the merchant’s website
    • Continue to the payment page
    • Choose SADAD Account as a payment method 
    • Enter your SADAD Account username that was created previously 
    • Enter your registered password
    • Enter the one time password sent to your mobile. 
    • Confirm and finish payment. 

FAQ for SADAD Account

Can I register in SADAD Account Service through the bank?

Yes you can register through the bank's website.

What are the services provided by SADAD Account for clients?

The client can perform online payments using the “SADAD Account”.
The following are the services provided to the clients through their accounts:
  • The ability to query, view and download the list of transactions
  • Request a refund of a certain amount
  • Raise a complaint and follow-up
  • Raise a dispute and track the progress
  • Notifications service from “SADAD Account”

Can the client transfer “SADAD Account” from the one bank to another?


Can the bank register me in “SADAD Account” Service?

Yes. The bank can register his client who has an account with bank authorization control through the bank's website.

What is your username on “SADAD Account”?

It is a unique identifier username that can be entered during the registration process in “SADAD
Account”, and so in any purchase the client must use the same username.

What is the mechanism to choose a username?

The username can be any alphanumeric character that can contain strictly alphabetic letters or a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Only English is allowed. Only the following numbers (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0) are acceptable. Allowed special characters are (("@",
".", "_".

Can I have more than one “SADAD Account” registered at the same bank?


Can I register using the same username in more than one bank?


Can I register using different username at different banks?


Is there any expiry date for the username?


How can I credit my “SADAD Account”?

The client should transfer the money from their bank account to “SADAD Account”.

Do I have to pay any fees on my transactions using “SADAD Account”?

There are no fees to be paid while using “SADAD Account”.
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