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News Articles

News TitleDate
Bank Al Jazira launches "Currency" Card with a low credit11/07/2018
Bank Aljazira profits rise 15% in Quarter 207/27/2018
Bank Aljazira concludes the training program (for the maintenance of mobile devices) in Taif07/18/2018
Bank Aljazira receives thanks from Prince of Al Baha Region07/08/2018
Bank Aljazira announces its Branches and Fawri Money Transfer Service Centers to operate during Eid Holidays06/12/2018
Bank Aljazira supports the release of financial rights prisoners at the northern border06/04/2018
Bank Al Jazira Receives Call Centers Awards 201805/28/2018
Bank Aljazira Concludes Training Program (Tamkeen) in Aflaj05/20/2018
Bank Aljazira posted a 14% growth in the first quarter of 201805/13/2018
Bank Aljazira conducts a training course in skills and customer service in Al Jouf05/02/2018
Prince of Al Qassim attends the "Special Education Award" between Bank Aljazira and Education04/28/2018
Bank Aljazira awarded Princess Sita prize for Excellence in Social Work04/23/2018
Bank Aljazira concludes the program «pioneers of innovation» in Al-Ahsa04/15/2018
Bank Aljazira rights issue ends today04/04/2018
Bank Aljazira planned dividend to cover existing, new shares: CEO03/28/2018
Bank Aljazira start of the trading of rights issues and the subscription of 300 million shares03/25/2018
Bank Aljazira announces the fluctuation limits based on shared price of SAR 11.8803/22/2018
Bank Aljazira awarded the best customer service03/13/2018
Bank Aljazira Qualify 60 Orphans from Orphan Care Society (Aba’a)02/21/2018
The Capital Market Authority approves Bank Aljazira’s request to increase its capital by way of Rights Issue02/12/2018
Bank Aljazira profit rise 29% in 2017 compared to the previous year02/04/2018
Bank Aljazira announced the appointment of Eng. Abdulmajeed AL Sultan as Deputy Chairman of Board01/30/2018
Bank Aljazira holds a course for board members of non-profit sector01/29/2018
Bank Al Jazira adoption of the payment of the cost of living allowance for all employees of the bank01/10/2018
Bank Al Jazira trains 30 Person to maintain mobile in Khulais01/09/2018
Bank Al Jazira Holds a Course for Non Profit Leaders in Qassim01/08/2018
BAJ awarded Best Social Responsibility program KSA 2017 award12/25/2017
Bank AlJazira is applying for capital increase with priority rights shares12/22/2017
Bank Al Jazira concludes the mobile maintenance course in Riyadh12/21/2017
BAJ Wins Critics Choice Best Islamic Retail Bank Award for the 2nd time12/14/2017
Bank Al Jazira equips the Physiotherapy Unit for the Care of Disabled Children11/28/2017
Prince of Najran honors Bank Al-Jazira for its sponsorship on Klna Alhad Aljanubi11/20/2017
Bank Aljazira concluded the celebration of ataa training program in Jeddah11/08/2017
Bank AlJazira profits rise 42% for the third quarter of 2017 10/24/2017
Bank Al Jazira concludes “Ayamen Sawaed Watan” program in Al Jou10/23/2017
Bank Al Jazira equips the Physiotherapy Unit for the Care of Disabled Children10/20/2017
Bank Al Jazira launches Tomouh credit card with low credit limit10/16/2017
Bank Al Jazira Conclude ICDL international Entrepreneurship Program10/14/2017
Bank Aljazira holds a course for non-profit work leaders in Al Medina09/27/2017
Bank Aljazira concludes the program to develop the skills related to developing the financial resources of the charitable organizations in Aseer09/12/2017
Bank Al Jazira and "Fawri" centers working during Hajj and Eid Al Adha vacation08/28/2017
BAJ launches new summer campaign08/07/2017
Bank Aljazira profits rise 24% for the second quarter compared to the same period last year07/25/2017
13 Banks completes the procedures for participation in the Saudi Sukuk program07/19/2017
Bank Aljazira concludes "Preparing Healthy Volunteers" in cooperation with ENAYA07/12/2017
Bank AlJazira Holds a Course for Social Work Leaders at Hafr Al-Batin07/03/2017
Bank AlJazira announces the Fawri centers open during eid holiday06/23/2017
Bank Al Jazira organizes training courses to qualify the (45) youth on mobile maintenance 06/20/2017
Bank AlJazira characterized by ATM Services and cash Management 06/13/2017
Bank AlJazira offers “ Mobile POS” service in the first time in KSA 06/05/2017
Hail province Prince honors Bank Aljazira05/30/2017
Prince of Jazan meets the CEO and Managing Director of Bank AlJazira05/09/2017
“BAJ” trains a group of non-profit sector leaders in Al Qassim05/03/2017
Minister of Housing honors Bank AlJazira for sponsoring the Riyadh Real Estate Exhibition04/27/2017
Bank AlJazira launches special offers during Riyadh real estate exhibition04/23/2017
“BAJ” trains a group of non-profit sector leaders in Bisha04/04/2017
“BAJ Invites shareholders to attend their 54th General Assembly meeting to discuss Capital increase03/29/2017
“BAJ” concludes the training course in Sabia “03/24/2017
“BAJ” trains group of non-profit sector leaders in Northern border03/21/2017
BAJ launched Computer Lab in Al Ahsa03/18/2017
“BAJ” trains a number of Social Worker leaders in Yanbu03/14/2017
BAJ management board recommends to increase capital up to 5.22 Billion Saudi Riyal03/10/2017
Minister of Housing visits BAJ to discuss cooperation to support housing sector development03/08/2017
BAJ Concludes program for children with special needs02/23/2017
Bank Al Jazira trains the 3rd sector leaders in Eastern province02/16/2017
Bank Aljazira launched a studio for children with cancer in Qassim.02/06/2017
Bank Al Jazirah’s “Ayamen Sawaed Watan” program closed in Baha02/02/2017
Bank AlJazira’s profit decreases in the end of 201601/25/2017
Ziyad Aba Alkhil vice-chairman in AlJazira Takaful.12/06/2016
Bank Aljazira concludes Sumo program11/30/2016
Bank Aljazira trains and qualifies 280 orphans in Mahail Asiir11/22/2016
Bank AlJazira concluded its internship program in Mastora.10/26/2016
Bank Al Jazira supports pioneers of innovation program10/19/2016
Bank AlJazira gained 720 million Saudi Riyals in the third quarter of 201610/13/2016
Bank AlJazira Supports Alresalah Center for girls in Riyadh 10/11/2016
Bank Al Jazira postponed the installment for the month of Moharram10/06/2016
Bank AlJazira announces that working hours will continue as usual during Eid Holidays 09/20/2016
Bank AlJazira invites its shareholders to attend the General Assembly09/20/2016
Bank AlJazira signs an agreement with Al Ghad International College and Jeddah International College to Finance University Tuition Fees at its Cash Value.09/07/2016
Bank AlJazira supports the blind with audio reading devices in Al Madinah.08/23/2016
Bank AlJazira launches new FAWRI Center.08/17/2016
Travel to your favorite destination with 50 million miles through Bank Aljazira summer campaign08/07/2016
Bank Aljazira gained 559 million SAR profits during the first half of 201607/31/2016
Saud Bin Naif honors Bank Aljazira for supporting Orphans in the Eastern Region 07/21/2016
Bank Aljazira published the branch and centers that are open during the holidays07/03/2016
Bank Aljazira signed an agreement with Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Prisons for the release of group of prisoners before the Eid holiday 06/29/2016
Bank Aljazira qualifies 50 leaders of Social Work in a number of regions in the kingdom 06/16/2016
Bank Aljazira invites shareholders to attend its General Assembly meeting06/12/2016
Bank Aljazira qualifies teachers of Holy Qur’an06/08/2016
Bank Aljazira launched a campaign “Catch your Summer before it goes” for Credit Card holders with 0% profit05/31/2016
Bank Aljazira prepares classrooms for children with special needs in Al Madina Munawra.05/25/2016
Bank AlJazira lunched MasterCard World Elite Credit Card05/17/2016
Bank Aljazira honored for sponsoring Islamic Finance Industry conference05/09/2016
Housing Minister honors Bank Aljazira for sponsoring the Real Estate Exhibition (RESTATEX) held in Riyadh04/27/2016
Bank Aljazira participated in RESTATEX Real Estate Exhibition held in Riyadh04/25/2016
Bank Aljazira gained 381 million Saudi Riyals in the first quarter of 2016 or 67% increase compared last year04/14/2016
Prince Faisal bin Bandar Governor of Riyadh, honors Bank Aljazira for sponsoring the Riyadh Social Forum04/12/2016
Bank Aljazira launched Cadres Rehabilitation program for a number of male and female family counselors04/04/2016
Bank Al Jazira inaugurates ‘Maharah’ exhibition for development of productive families projects03/20/2016
The minister of education honours Bank Al Jazira for sponsoring World Conference on Islamic Banking03/13/2016
Bank Al Jazira opens computers labs in Boraidah03/02/2016
Bank Al Jazira opens local computer labs for social development committee in Riyadh02/23/2016
Housing minister honouring Bank Al Jazira02/11/2016
Al Jazirah Bank is the official sponsor of Jeddah Restatex Exhibition02/09/2016
Bank Al Jazira crowned by the best donor foundation prize02/04/2016
Bank AlJazira signs an agreement of “University tuitions installment” with Dar Al Hekma and Al Yamamah universities01/28/2016
1.3 Billion SR are the 2015 profits of Bank AlJazira, profits jumped 125%01/19/2016
Bank AlJazira supports projects in the northern region01/11/2016
Best Remittance-ME award conferred on Bank Aljazira01/03/2016
Bank AlJazira supports the training courses for prisoners and released families12/22/2015
Benaa Society honors Bank AlJazira12/16/2015
Bank AlJazira organizes a training course for the leaders of social responsibility work in the Eastern province12/11/2015
Khayrocom Honors bank AlJazira12/06/2015
Bank AlJazira calls for shareholders to attend the Assembly and the election of the members of the Board of Directors12/01/2015
Bank AlJazira introduces new smart mobile banking app11/30/2015
Bank AlJazira achieves Critics Award as the best bank in Islamic Banking for individuals11/24/2015
Kafeef Association in Riyadh honors Bank AlJazira11/15/2015
Bank AlJazira concludes training courses in Al Laith11/10/2015
AlJazira trains Khayrocom society staff in Jeddah11/02/2015
Opening of computer labs in alkhobar day care center10/15/2015
Bank AlJazira in the list of 100 most popular brand in Saudi Arabia 201510/15/2015
AlJazira Bank celebrates the graduation and recruitment of a new batch of trainees08/07/2015
AlJazira Bank celebrates the graduation and recruitment of a new batch of trainees08/07/2015
Bank AlJazira equipped halls and rooms physical therapy for children disabled in Hail07/30/2015
Bank AlJazira announces branches and Fawri centers working during Eid holiday07/16/2015
Bank Al Jazira earnings rise by 341% during the second quarter07/14/2015
Prince Al Madina honors Bank AlJazira for support takaful07/12/2015
Bank AlJazira request from capital Market Authority to increase his capital07/09/2015
“AlJazira” sponsors fourth summer gathering for Blind training and rehabilitation07/08/2015
Prince Al Riyadh honors Bank AlJazira for support Waaiy association07/05/2015
Bank Aljazira obtains top service regional awards06/29/2015
Khalid Othman a member of AlJazira Takaful Council06/26/2015
Bank AlJazira qualifies 65 commander of the leaders of Social Work06/24/2015
Bank AlJazira wins award best private bank in the Kingdom for 201506/11/2015
Bank AlJazira launches the new version of « AlJazira Online»06/07/2015
Bank AlJazira concludes (Reinforcement of hearing and pronunciation sociologists) workshop in Jeddah 06/02/2015
Bank Al Jazirah concludes training courses in cooperation with SciTech05/28/2015
Bank AlJazira and Intel Arabia Honors trainers and trainees in the program "easy steps"05/07/2015
AlJazira Bank holds its regular General Assembly meeting in Jeddah today04/22/2015
Riyadh’s prince honors Bank AlJazira for supporting “Itaam” society04/20/2015
Bank AlJazira Profits rise to 43%04/16/2015
Bank AlJazira wins the best bank in Saudi Arabia award04/08/2015
Bank AlJazira participate in Cityscape and gives special offers to customers04/04/2015
Bank Al Jazirah launches Ajwaa credit card with the highest miles value in Saudi Arabia03/19/2015
Bank AlJazira launches Titanium MasterCard credit card 03/08/2015
Bank AlJazira sponsors the International Islamic Conference03/01/2015
Aljazira Capital gets Best Brokerage Company award02/09/2015
BAJ decides to pay two months' salaries for its employees02/06/2015
BAJ profit growth fourth quarter 201301/18/2015
Aljazira takaful awarded as the best insurance provider by Banker ME01/15/2015
BAJ supports a many of projects in Al-Jouf01/04/2015
BAJ supports the National Forum of Productive Families01/01/2015
Prince Turki Bin Abdullah honors Bank Al Jazirah for sponsoring “Montegon” Exhibition12/29/2014
Governor of Eastern Province honors BAJ12/25/2014
BAJ organizes training courses to qualify leaders of social work in Taif12/15/2014
Prince Abdul Ilah bin Abdul Rahman honors Bank AlJazira12/09/2014
Qunfodah launching of the second Audio Lab for Qur’an learning Kingdom wide12/09/2014
The opening of the Koran co-efficient Charitable Society for the memorization of the Koran11/27/2014
Bank AlJazira won the The Bankers Award Best Real Estate Financial Program07/10/2014
Bank AlJazira promotes its Credit Card Summer Campaign06/12/2014
Bank AlJazira inaugurates Fawri International Money Transfer06/11/2014
Bank AlJazira in collaboration with the Center for Leadership Development06/10/2014
Bank AlJazira signs agreement with additional funding Real Estate Development Fund05/11/2014
Bank AlJazira participates in the Real Estate Investment Jeddah Exhibition05/10/2014
Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah BAJ honours for their sponsor Youth Exhibition Business04/17/2014
Earnings per share in the first quarter raises to SAR 0.5304/16/2014
BANK ALJAZIRA the first bank lends to small enterprises04/15/2014
BAJ Serve VIP customers in a new way04/14/2014
Bank AlJazira participates in Riyadh Real Estate and Urban Development04/13/2014
BANK ALJAZIRA launches personal finance at the lowest profit04/12/2014
Bank AlJazira calls for a Special General Assembly for shareholders04/11/2014
Bank AlJazira and Intel launch partnership for the rehabilitation of families productive04/10/2014
Bank AlJazira receives the Best Islamic Banking award for 201303/11/2014
Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz honors Bank AlJazira03/10/2014
Bank AlJazira supports 4287 needy in the community02/11/2014
Bank AlJazira celebrated with Center Nesma sewing and embroidery02/10/2014
Ministry of Culture honors Bank AlJazira01/14/2014
Bank AlJazira signed an agreement with Moneygram01/13/2014
Bank AlJazira inaugurates branch in Malaz Riyadh01/12/2014
Bank AlJazira announces the winners of the campaign01/11/2014
Bank AlJazira achieves 30% profit increase in 201301/10/2014

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